Commercial Projects

The cost-effective route to comfortable indoor climate and energy saving

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Design and development of building management systems, integrating a robust platform tailored to the needs of each client, ranging from HVAC, lighting, energy monitoring, water supply, fire protection systems, among others.

Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Design and development of energy management systems, focused on integrating solutions that allow us to have tools to monitor and predict energy consumption in each of the areas of our clients' facilities, from electrical consumption to analysis and monitoring of thermal load, water consumption, steam and compressed air.

Monitor and predict energy consumption in each of the areas of our clients' facilities.

Systems Optimization

Analysis and optimization of chilled water, hot water and electric power supply systems, focused on increasing efficiency and automatically adjusting the operating profile to the dynamism that characterizes buildings.

Design and Engineering

Consulting and development of engineering designs for commercial projects, creating a synergy between the electromechanical systems that are a fundamental part of each building and the new technologies that allow us to have highly effective management and monitoring tools.


Design, supply and installation of HVAC systems, according to international standards established by ASHRAE.

Constant Pressure Systems

Design and development of constant pressure systems, oriented to solve problems of pressure losses or failures in the different circuits that are part of the buildings.

Smart Buildings Design

Design of technological solutions for buildings, focused on the main pillars behind the concept of Smart Buildings: being efficient in consumption, integration of each of the systems (air conditioning, lighting, electricity, multimedia, telecommunications, security), safety, flexibility and ergonomics.

Water Supply Systems

Design and development of water supply systems at different scales: from a network of wells interconnected by industrial communication protocol and commanded according to flow and outlet pressure, to supply systems for multiple housing complexes.