Special Projects

Focused on solutions that allow the digital transformation
of processes in diverse areas of our economy.

Digital Transformation for Industries

Design and development of strategic plans to achieve the digital transformation of processes in the various sectors of our economy.

IoT Systems Development

Design, development and implementation of intelligent systems based on IoT platforms, allowing to capture, analyze, visualize and control parameters in a secure, simple and robust way.

Big Data - Data Analysis

Design and development of visualization and data analysis systems associated with the processes of our industry, allowing us to have effective tools for behavior prediction, correction and prevention of failures, as well as for decision making in the various aspects that are part of the companies.


Process automation through robotics machines integration, highly focused on eradicating safety risks and reducing operational costs while at the same time maximizing production.

Design and Engineering

Design and engineering projects where the technical skills, theoretical concepts and practical experiences of a multidisciplinary team converge with the new technologies that are part of our lives, providing intelligent solutions for various sectors of the economy: from industries such as mining, medical devices, steel, food and beverages, to the world of entertainment such as film productions, events and concerts.

Consulting and Trainings

Consulting and training in the area of digital transformation, design of strategic plans and development roadmap towards connected industries, engineering of special projects and supervision of projects associated with BMS, MES, EMS, SAP Integration systems, among others.