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Conversion to Natural Gas from Lime Kilns - PVDC, Barrick Gold Corporation

KVS Engineering (Subcontractor)


Hornos de Cal

Provision of equipment, materials and labor for the conversion to natural gas of the combustion system of three lime kilns installed in Barrick Pueblo Viejo.

Inspection Plan

Wiring and connection

This project had the following scopes:


Revision of electrical and instrumentation engineering supplied by the manufacturer (Maerz Ofenbau) for the new power and control system.


Installation, wiring and connection of control cabinets and remote stations distributed in the lime kilns.


Installation, wiring and connection of the new 200HP blower.


Installation, wiring and connection of all instrumentation required in the new system, including flow, temperature and pressure transmitters, electrically actuated valves, position sensors and discharge door switches.


Execution of inspection tests of electrical installations and control of the new natural gas combustion system.


Commissioning and start-up of natural gas ovens.