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Installation of New Wire Rod Plant

Industrias Nacionales C. Por A.


Cuarto Eléctrico Alambrón Finalizado

Provisión de equipamiento, materiales y mano de obra para la Instalación De La Nueva Planta De Fabricación De Alambrón en las instalaciones del Parque Industrial Duarte.

Electrical Room Wire rod during the process installation of equipment and pipes

This project had the following scopes:


Dismantling and maintenance of old plant panels. Assemble panels with new control devices according to previously developed design and engineering.


Installation of 4 oil immersion transformers (2 x 1.5MVA & 2 x 2.5MVA). URD 350 MCM cable feeder installation.


Installation of 22 panels and main disconnection containers for the direct starters and variable speed drives for the drive system of the Wire Rod line.


Installation of 11 panels and main disconnection containers for the direct starters and variators for the water circuit pumps.


Installation of conduits in cable tray and IMC pipe from transformers to the electrical room and from there to field equipment.


Mechanical installation of all the instrumentation: Temperature, pressure, speed meters. Proximity sensors, optics and solenoid valves.


Wiring and interconnection of all motors and power equipment, lighting and measurement and control devices.


PLC programming of pump control.


Installed power: 1,550KVA, 480VAC, 60Hz