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Melia Complex Supply Water Well Control System

Melia Hotels International


Design, manufacture and installation of a distributed control platform for the control of the 9-well system for the complex’s supply water.

Pump control panel

The most relevant characteristics of the project are the following:


Design, manufacture and assembly of 9 pump control panels with variable speed drives, under the Rockwell Allen Bradley platform.



Design, manufacture and assembly of master control panel, under Rockwell Allen Bradley platform.


Supply and installation of instrumentation required for the system, including redundant pressure transmitters and flow transmitters.



Supply, cabling and commissioning of network infrastructure through fiber optics between the set of wells and interconnection through radio frequency with the complex.



Design, development and commissioning of a constant pressure control system through a distributed platform, allowing a continuous water supply to be maintained throughout the hotel complex.


Design, development and commissioning of a SCADA platform for remote monitoring and control of system conditions.